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Administrative formalities

They are compulsory for French citizens and foreigners.

hopital sxm In all cases, you must go to:

  • The Admitting Office: from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm
  • The Emergency Admission Office: on the other days and at night

hopital sxm With the following documents:

  • An identification card
  • Your address
  • Your insurance card or your Vitale card and your mutual


hopital sxm In all cases you must pay for the external procedures or stays that is billed to you

  • Either in full if you have no insurance
  • Or partially if you have a mutual or a private insurance.

Support system

hopital sxm If you encounter difficulties, do not hesitate to ask for help at the Social Service for:

  • The payment or the institution taking charge of your stay
  • Solving your personal difficulties in connection with your hospitalization
  • Organizing your discharge or your transfer to another establishment.
Health is priceless but it has a cost

Hospital Cost

It is composed of the hospitalization (stay and medical procedures) and the flat fee per day.

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hopital sxm The daily price* is

  • Surgery / Gynecology 1 373,70 €
  • Maternity 1 111,40 €
  • Medicine/Pediatrics / U.S.S.H./C.C./Neonatology 1 111,40 €
  • Day Hospital 1 237,30 €
  • Psychiatry 1 237,30 €
  • Use of SMUR (½ hour) 453,70 €

hopital sxm The flat fee per day* is

  • Surgery 18,00 €
  • Maternity/Gynecology 18,00 €
  • Medicine/ Pediatrics/ Day Hospital 18,00 €
  • Psychiatry 13,50 €

*Rates applicable from 01/07/2011 (subject to change depending on tariff orders)

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hopital saint martin

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Satisfaction Questionnaire
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