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Information on your health condition


hopital sxm Your personal information

The physician will give you information relative to your health condition. You will be also informed of the interventions of health professionals in charge of taking care of you.
However, if you wish, you can expressly request not to be informed. Your family or any trustworthy person can be informed of your health condition on the days and time indicated for that purpose in each service; unless you object to it.
If your health condition requires your transfer to another institution, the physician responsible for your treatment will explain why.

hopital sxm Information to your physician

The physician, who has prescribed your hospitalization, receives communication of the main medical information pertaining to your condition, unless you object to it.

hopital sxm Information when you leave the hospital

Information concerning elements necessary for the continuation of the treatment will be handed over directly to you, unless you object to it.

Access to your medical records

patient information

In accordance with the regulation (law of 4 March 2002) the L.C. Fleming Medical Center is obliged to communicate the medical records to the patient himself/herself, to his beneficiaries (in case of death), to the guardian, to the person having parental authority, at his/her request or through the practitioner designated by any of these persons.
The access to the medical information included in the patient records is possible by consulting it on the spot or by sending it, on request made by the patient or his/her beneficiaries, to the direction of the establishment who will instruct the request in link with the service. Copies and mailing fees are billed to the applicant. Before any communication of information, you will be requested to prove your identity and your quality as an applicant.
Records are communicated within 8 days or 2 months in the event the information dates back to a period exceeding 5 years.
In the case of research work, physicians can ask to consult your records, once filed with strict respect to anonymity. You can express your objection to this consultation with the Physician Chief of Service.

puce-grise Download the application Form to medical records

Appointment of the trustworthy person

During your stay, you can appoint a person, freely chosen by you in your surrounding and who you can trust, in order to escort you throughout your treatment and when decisions are to be taken.

Information technology, files, and freedom


On the occasion of your stay in our establishment, you are requested certain information. They are entered into the computer system in accordance with the laws and regulations in force (law N° 78-17 of January 6, 1978) which confer to you a certain amount of rights with regard to these treatments. In particular, you enjoy the right of direct access to administrative information pertaining to you, on written request to the direction of the establishment. The law confers on you the right to rectify information which could be erroneous, incomplete or equivocal.
For the analysis of its medical activity, our establishment is led to process data from your medical records in a computer system these data are transferred to the physician responsible for the I.T. Department. You can for legitimate reasons object to the processing and treatment of nominative information pertaining to you.

Commission for relations with users and the quality of care taking

In accordance with article L1112-3 of the Code of Public Health, the role of this commission is to assist, direct any person who consider himself a victim of a prejudice because of the activity of the establishment, and indicate to him/her grounds for conciliation and grounds for appeal at his/her disposal. It can be referred to following an official request made to the director.

Prevention and supervision


hopital sxm Taking care of the pain

Taking care, relieving pain and according to the case, recovering from your pain are part of the treatment of the disease; Everyone does not react to pain in the same manner. Only you can describe it; the more information you will give and the better we can help you. There are medication and other means to relieve pain? With you, the hospital team will do its very best to treat it.

The Committee against Pain (CAU) was created in 2001 in our establishment to improve the care taking for pain. Observations made by patients on the questionnaire of satisfaction (at the end of the Patient-s handbook) will be taken into account.

hopital sxm Blood transfusion


During your stay at the hospital, a blood transfusion may be necessary. The bags used for blood transfusions come from blood donations. At each donation, compulsory and legally prescribed analyses from biological laboratories are systematically performed, especially early detection tests of transmissible diseases through the blood track.
Apart from extreme situations (immediate vital emergency, fainting of patient), you will be informed that you have been prescribed a blood transfusion. Your written consent will be required to carry out such procedure.
A pre transfusion check-up is made systematically, comprising in particular early detection of transmissible diseases through the blood track 3 to 6 months following the transfusion, serology tests are required.

The L.C. FLEMING Medical Center follows a trend of hemo-vigilance. So any problem relative to a blood transfusion must be reported to the physician of the service, who will convey the information to the specialist in hemo-vigilance.

hopital sxm Hospital hygiene and prevention of nosocomial infections


The L.C. FLEMING Hospital Center takes into account hospital hygiene and the prevention of nosocomial infections (infection contracted during hospitalization) in the quality of the care administered to you.
This activity is coordinated by the committee fighting nosocomial infections (infectio-vigilance) whose mission is to protect patients from an infectious risk.
The operational team composed of a physician, a pharmacist, and a nurse specialized in hospital hygiene is responsible for implementing this policy.
The prevention of infections is based on the use of care and hygiene protocols in application in all care units.
The establishment follows a national trend of evaluation (ICALIN) establishing a yearly grading of these practices in matter of hygiene and prevention of nosocomial diseases.

The ICALIN Score of theLouis Constant Fleming Medical Center has evolved favorably since 2006 when it passed from E to A.

hopital sxm Pharmacovigilance and materiovigilance

The mission of pharmacovigilance is to supervise the serious undesirable effects or unexpected likely to be caused by a medication. This supervision is provided by health professionals, who have the obligation to report any serious or unexpected incident, after administering a medication.
Therefore, we are asking you to inform the nursing aides of any problem affecting your health condition, occurring after taking a dose of a medicamentous substance. You will be informed of the outcome of your request.
The mission of materiovigilance is to supervise, declare, and intervene in any incident concerning material and medical devices.

internal medicine

Organ removals

Organ transplants can relieve many patients, even save many lives.
Removing organs from a deceased person can be performed when the person did not make known while alive his/her objection to the removal. This objection can be inscribed at any time on the National Automatized Register of Refusals, managed by the French Institute of Transplants.

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