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General Priciples

1 The L.C. FLEMING Medical Center is accessible to all and in particular to the most deprived persons. It is adapted to handicapped persons.

2 The L.C. Fleming Medical Center guarantees the quality of treatments, care, and reception. It is attentive to the relief of pain.

3 The information given to the patient is accessible and loyal. The patient participates in the therapeutic choices that concern him/her.

4 A medical procedure can only be performed with the free and enlightened consent of the patient.

5 A specific consent intended especially for patients taking part in a biomedical research, for the donation and use of elements and products of the human body and for procedures of early detection.

6 An in-patient can at all times, leave the establishment except for exceptions provided by law, after being informed of the possible risks taken.

7 The in-patient is treated with respect. His/her beliefs are respected. His/her intimacy is preserved as well as his/her tranquility.

8 The respect of private life is guaranteed for any in-patient as well as the confidential nature of personal, medical, and social information pertaining to him/her.

9 The patient has access to information included in his/her records according to the terms provided by the law of 4 March 2002.

10 The in-patient expresses his observations about the treatment and the reception and has the right to claim compensation for the prejudice that, in his opinion, he could have suffered.

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Satisfaction Questionnaire
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