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The authorities and the Direction

  • The Supervisory Board
    It is chaired by the President of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin or his representative
  • The Executive Council
    It is composed equally by representatives of the administration and by physicians
  • The Establishment Medical Commission (EMC)
    The chairperson of the E.M.C. represents the medical profession
  • The Quality Security Committee (Q.S.C.)
  • The Establishment Technical Committee (E.T.C.)
  • The Committee of Hygiene and Security of Working Conditions (C.H.S.W.C.)
  • The Commission for User Relations and Quality of care taking (C.U.R.Q.)
  • The Commission for Nursing Care Services of Reeducation and Medico-Technical Services (C.N.C.S.R.M.T.)
  • The Direction, The Assistant Director, The Direction of Nursing Care

Teams at your service

Placed under the responsibility of the Direction :

  • Nursing and Medico-Technical Services
  • Offices of Admittance and Admissions
  • Financial Service
  • Office of Human Resources
  • Technical Service
  • Logistical Service (Laundry and Kitchen)
  • Economic Service (Store Admission)
  • Information Technology Service
  • Biomedical Service
  • The Medical Information Department MID
  • Social Service
  • A social worker for the Maternity, Pediatric and Surgery services
  • A social worker for the Psychiatry Service and Medico-Psychological Center
  • A social worker for the U.E.D.C.T .D. services
  • A social worker for the R.C.M.E. Emergency and Medicine services

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Satisfaction Questionnaire
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