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The Emergency service / SMUR:

The emergency service provides round-the-clock care and you can be received at one of its 4 windows.
There is a Reception and Orientation Nurse (R.O.N.) who assesses the seriousness of your condition and determines the order in which you are taken care of.
Priority is given to Vitale emergency.

urgence saint martin

hopital sxmYou will be taken care of for:

  • Emergency consultations
  • Additional examinations
  • Hospitalizations

The SMUR intervenes in "primary care" on the public road, at home, etc… and in "secondary care" for sanitary evacuations. Its vehicle is properly equipped for emergency intervention.

  • Unit for Short Stay Hospitalization (U.S.S.H.) : 2 beds
  • Unit for Continuous Care: 2 beds

Both units provide the close supervision of patients whose condition requires such care.

  • Reception Center for Minor Emergency ( R.C.M.E.)

hopital sxm The medical and nursing team is composed:

urgence saint martin
  • Of a Physician Chief of Department
  • Of 8 Emergency physicians
  • Of a Health Care Executive
  • Of Nurses
  • Of Nursing Aides
  • Of Hospital Service Agents

The radiology service

radiologie saint martin

hopital sxm Composed of

  • 2 Radiology rooms: an emergency room and a room for digestive pathologies
  • 1 echography room

hopital sxmThe team is composed:

  • Of a Radiologist
  • Of a Health Care Executive
  • Of radiology technicians

The Department of Surgery

hopital sxm Is composed of:

  • 3 operating rooms:
    • of polyvalent surgery (orthopedic, visceral, ophthalmological, oto-rhino-laryngological specialties, dental and urological surgery, etc…)
    • of endoscopies
    • of investigation examinations (coloscopy, etc…)
  • 1 operating room where digestive endoscopies are performed
  • 1 recovery room ( awakening room)
bloc operatoire saint martin

hopital sxm The team is composed:

  • Of specialized surgeons: ORL/Ophtalmology/Odontology/Stomatology/Urology/Pediatrics/Cardiology
  • Of Obstetrician Gynecologists
  • Of Anesthetist and Reanimating Physicians
  • Of a Health Care Executive
  • Of specialized nurses
    • I.A.D.E
    • I.B.O.D.E
  • Of Nursing Aides
  • Of a Hospital Service Agent

The Obstetrical Room

hopital sxm Composed of:

  • 2 delivery rooms
  • 2 pre-labor rooms
  • 1 admission room
bloc obstetrical saint martin

Deliveries and end of pregnancy supervisions are performed there

hopital sxm The team is composed:

  • Obstetricians Gynecologists
  • Reanimating Anesthetist physicians
  • Pediatric physicians
  • Of an Executive midwife
  • Of Midwives
  • Of Assistant Nursery Nurses
  • Of Nursing Aides
  • Of Hospital Service Agents

The sterilization service

The sterilization of all care and medico-technical services of the establishment are performed there.

hopital sxm The team is composed:

  • Of a Pharmacist
  • Of a Health Care Executive
  • Of Nursing Aides
  • Of Hospital Service Agents.

The Pharmacy

pharmacie saint martin

It provides the establishment with medicines, sterile and non sterile consumables necessary for treatments.

hopital sxm The team is composed:

  • Of Pharmacists
  • Of Assistants to Dispensing Chemists
  • Of an Administrative Agent.

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hopital saint martin

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